Sunday, December 11, 2022


Good morning happy baby sitting Sunday! I think Jess is ready to go to work and escape the house for a bit haha.

I've got my bed stuff being washed because you know it rained and Princess Snookie apparently didn't drain the tank enough outside last night. Oh well I needed to wash it all anyways. Simon added some more bald spots to the couch last night. Little Shit. She's outside enjoying her run around time now. This is from yesterday. She's lucky she's cute when she's not ruining things. I'm so over having dogs right now. Rusty is about on his last leg too. Sigh.

Yesterday I cleaned up a coffee can of scraps and a handful from the scrap box. More rolls to add to my some day box. I started cutting 2" strips/squares and put those together. I think I'll just make a ton of them with my scraps and some day put them all together. 

I cleaned out a basket of stuff I had because Tina keeps sleeping on it all and getting it furry. I have to wash the flannel I had in there that I am going to use for the denim scrap quilt. Apparently it's nice and comfy as is.

Scott asked if I wanted to go get a tree today. If it was up to me I wouldn't get a tree at all. It is such a pain in the ass. My Grandma Pecka used to have a tiny tree and I so get that now. Once my kids all have their own places I want to do a small table tree I think. My step mom used to do that too. She had a round base she would hang with a macramé hanger and then the presents can go under it. It was neat. Anyhow, I told him he could go with Trevor if he wants to get one. No way I want to take Daniel and the baby out to get one with us. What is he even thinking. I think he wasn't realizing how late it in the day it is already lol.

Speaking of Christmas I guess I should buy some stuff.. I think I have decided not to get my brother's kids presents this year. That makes that part much easier. So just my kids and grandkids. Scott and I don't buy for each other anymore. Less pressure and sadness that way lol. Probably get my parents a gift card to go to dinner or something. 

Okie dokie nothing else I can think of. Going to mess around in my sewing room a bit longer before I have to go vacuum and kid proof!

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