Saturday, December 10, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday!

This was me all week haha. TG I don't have to work today.

It's a rainy windy day today. It is supposed to rain all day. Simon was not happy I made her come in. I gave up and just let her go back outside. She doesn't care that it's a bit wet. It's not like pouring at the moment just a sprinkle and the wind. I actually got her to poop outside this morning. It's a miracle!

Tina coming in for her morning snuggle. 

Last night I finished up the wine totes I was working on. I still have about 15 cut out but I'm just going to put those in my work on later box.

I got up early this morning since it was so windy. Then when I saw there were no messes I took the dogs out got them breakfast and took a shower. So my job for today is done haha. I should work on laundry but eh maybe later.

I need to iron the wine bags and tape roller them and then I think I will work on my coffee can of scraps and get those put away. I've been watching the weather for my show next Sunday. Today it doesn't show any rain. Yesterday it said 30% lol. If it is going to rain the whole day I'm just not going to go. It's not worth the drive and being in the rain and freezing outside. I will just have a lot of inventory for next year lol. I think I might just quit doing Etsy for my handmade stuff. I hardly sell anything on there and it's not worth the hassle. It is just too saturated with like type items. 

Hope your day is great! I'd say no crying today but I cried a little at a video I saw so I blew that one out already. I'm ridiculous. 


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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Simon is a dog that likes a cold climate so I am sure he loved it being wet more than other breeds of dog. Glad he pooped outside too. :-)

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