Thursday, December 1, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday!
I started off my morning by cleaning up piles of runny dog poo. Remind me of this when my older dogs are gone and I think about getting another one. 

Simon is currently outside in the cold loving it up. It is supposed to rain but so far there was just a few sprinkles.

My body is trying to get sick I think. I keep sucking down Emergen-C. I may just be a hypochondriac though lol. As soon as I'm around someone who is sick my throat instantly is scratchy ;) I will be sad if I am sick on Saturday and can't go to the Nutcracker I bought tickets for so I need to not get sick.

I was busy at work all day yesterday, which was nice. They hung up this big old thing in the bathroom. I was thinking they should have put it closer to the toilet so you can read it while sitting lol. Sad that you have to tell people this and you know the people that need it won't do it.

After work I went to the grocery store without a list and got some food finally. I think I am going to make some soup today. When I got home Trevor was sleeping already so I never even saw him yesterday. Simon was being a spaz so I took her for a walk. Wondering if the walk or the bully stick or the combo is what made her poo all over.

Ugh now a cat is barfing somewhere.

I finished up the wine coasters last night, here is all of them. Now to tape roller them all and package them up. Going to try to put a few sets together with matching ones and then I'll have some singles too. 

Next up is the wine totes. I cut a ton of those out so not sure if I'll make them all up or not. I am going to start with one of each fabric I think. Or maybe I'll just do them all haha. Trying to decide what theme I want to do next. I think maybe Harry Potter. People ask for that a lot. Or more sports but those are boring to me lol. 

Scott is about at his wit's end with his mom. I feel so bad for both of them. I always watch these videos on FB with cops doing bad shit (I know I know but they are interesting lol) and these cops arrested this 80 year old man with dementia for going to a business that asked him to leave. Like what the actual f*ck. Why not just find out where he belongs and take him home. I found it really disturbing that they treated him that way. So sad too. Karma is not going to be on their side for that one. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

The bathroom sign is gross because you are so right, those that need to hear/see this won't do it anyway. I'm glad I worked from home for 25 years. I am dog sitting right now. We needed this. We needed to see how much work this is. We are not getting another dog!

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