Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! I wish I was home with Tina even though she drives me nuts knocking stuff over. Last night she knocked a huge box of stuff down and scared the crap out of me.

She looks cute here though ;)

Poor little Daniel is sick with a fever and coughing. I hope Lilly doesn't get it too. Some nasty bugs going around right now. Almost all the kids from the party the other day are sick. Not really surprised though since one sibling stayed home with a fever and the others came to the party.  Getting to where I never want to leave the house with all the germs out there.

I am almost done with the wine coasters! I bet the 12 people who look at my blog will be happy to see something else haha. Just need to sew around the edges of the 2 piles in the front. The back one is done.

Then it will be onto the wine bags. I'm going to have to book more craft shows next year so I can get rid of all this stuff I keep making. I should have booked more holiday time ones but I didn't see much to sign up for other than the ones by the movie theaters (too cold/windy/slow) and the mall which she wants people there 2/3 days which isn't going to happen when I'm still working. I need to get in on some school ones, those almost always do well. 

Ok back to filing/making folders at work. I'm the only one here from our department since everyone is on leave or at a meeting. Last week of filing they say. We'll see how that really works out haha.

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