Friday, November 11, 2022


 Morning! Happy Friday and Veterans Day! 

Big plans for today, sewing and darts later!

Last night I got all the piecing done, now for batting and interfacing. Sadly I'm out of batting again so I'll have to go to town for that later.  So I will start with the wine bags and keychains since I have the interfacing for those. It is nice working with brighter colors (I know these are mostly black on the pile tops but most are yellows and greens). 

My daughter Melissa's boyfriend is officially an EMT now! He's been an apprentice at the fire department for almost a year I think. Won't be long til he's all official. Very exciting for them.

I watched all of the new season of The Crown yesterday. Interesting how they put in some older stuff. I had to Google a bit to figure out some of what they were showing. I wonder if Diana's kids watch any of it. Must be so weird to always have your family life being recreated. 

After that I watched State of Alabama vs Brittany Smith. Another case of a woman getting abused and then going to jail. At least she didn't get 25 years like Killer Sally. Unlike Sally this one had pictures of her bruises all over her neck and body. 

Somehow I ended up watching Jennifer Lopez Half Time next. I fell asleep watching it and had to finish watching it this morning. It was so good! I'm not a J Lo fan usually but it was very nicely done. I wish they would have shown the whole show at the end but I'm assuming they don't have the full rights for that maybe. I'm amazed that she came up with so many of the ideas for the show on her own.

That's all my excitement. I just saw there is a documentary on that Killer Nurse. I watched the movie about that the other day so I'll probably watch that next. 

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