Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Good morning happy raining Tuesday! It's been pouring for hours. My driveway is a muddy late already. Ugh.  Got myself into work along with all my other co workers so we could be here for a staff meeting. I got logged on to find out that the meeting was cancelled. Everyone is like wth lol. Maybe next time she could send everyone a text.  Oh well I had stuff to do here anyways.

Yesterday I worked on laundry and cleaned my room up. I got all the extra crap taken out to shed. It is so nice now. If only I could put my rug back down. I might give it a try in my room again.  

I hardly slept at all because Snookie was so upset she couldn't get on the bed. She kept pacing around and crying and then Simon would run around with her. Dog nails on the wood floor all night long. I might have to put her in the bathroom or something if she keeps that up. 

I finally finished up these Star Wars bags I had started probably over a week ago

Working with black is not my favorite, especially with it being so dark outside. I pulled out all my sunflower fabrics to work on next. I'm cutting out wine totes, cozies, coasters, zip bags, coin purses and keychains along with 1" strips of all the fabrics. We'll see what my pile looks like when I'm done! Trying to use up all these fabrics I have one way or another. Time to do some non character prints!


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