Monday, November 14, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!

I'm so exhausted. I almost called in but I got myself up and logged in for work. Go me!

Yesterday I got myself to Joanns to buy batting. I got another cutting mat too since mine is all messed up from being used so much. My neighbor was working and she helped me use a lot of coupons so that was nice!

I tried to go to Famous Footwear next but they didn't open until 12! So weird. So no new shoes for me. I hate Wal Mart in Manteca but I went in since I knew exactly what I was looking for. I got myself 2 more pairs of jeans like a pair I just bought that work ok. I actually got one the same and one a size smaller since they are a little baggy. We'll see how they fit. I hate trying stuff on there. I looked at shoes there but they hardly had anything besides slippers and uncomfortable looking boots. 

Came home and cleaned and mopped the floors in time for the grandkids to come over. Lilly was happy in her car seat for a bit so we chatted while she was happy haha. Snookie is like YES you brought me a baby! Her poor little eyes are looking all milky now :(

She had a good time in the jumper for a bit til she was DONE with it lol

Melissa came over to help and cover while I went to get Scott's mom dinner. Daniel had fun playing with her.

My neighbor put this out for free so I had Trevor go get it. It's an upgrade from the cabinets I was using for sure! Trevor fixed the cords up since I took this picture. I was thinking of maybe doing some bins for the kids toys on the shelves. 

I left around 5 to go get Scott's mom's food. I was going to get her In & Out but the line was way longer than I've ever seen before so I went to Burger King. Probably would have taken the same amount of time since they were SO SLOW. 

I took her her food and she was like half asleep and could barely even talk a full sentence. It is sad how bad she is now. We spent forever looking for her teeth. Finally found them under the pee pad thing on her bed (gross!).  Two hours after I started she was finally eating and I was on my way back home. I'm not sure if she knew exactly who I was when I got there but she did by the time I left. 

The littles were combusting at around 8. They are so hard from 8-9. It's like they are too tired or too hungry or someone needs to poop or something but they all freak out lol. I'll be glad when the baby is a bit bigger and Daniel can talk better so we can figure out what they need easier. Of course everyone was finally mellowed out when they got picked up to go home. 

I told Jess I don't know how she does it every day and she said she's just going crazy haha. 

Today my mom is supposed to come over and bring me lunch and then tonight we have Bunco. I finally got them to add me back to the Facebook group so I know when they are having it. I need to figure out something to take. I was thinking maybe a cinnamon roll cake. I might have all the stuff, I'll have to look in a bit. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Mmmm...cinnamon roll cake.
It's sad about your mother in law. What a horrible state to be in for her as well as her loved ones to see her like this. Aging just sucks Julie.

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