Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Good morning happy Sunday! 

Yesterday I got all the sunflower keychains done. Along with the others I pulled out to finish up. 

Can never have too many sports ones!

and everyone loves Jack & Sally

and did this cute little bird and bees since they are kind of in the sunflower realm

All of those were mostly sewn up in my box (besides the sunflowers) and just needed the last couple steps to be finished up.

Now I definitely have to go to Joanns so I can finish up the rest of the stuff. I'm totally out of batting again and I need it for everything else.

I made stew for dinner last night it was delicious. I was going to make corn bread too but I was out of milk so we just had sourdough toast to go with it.

Yesterday Scott asked me if I could go take his mom some dinner tonight since he is going to a football game. I said ok and then later Jess asked me if I could maybe babysit too. So we'll have to work that out and my Sunday is not going to be as quiet as I thought it would be. 

Most definitely have to vacuum if I'm going to babysit and need to put away this mountain of linens I never finished folding up.  So I'm thinking maybe a run to Joanns and then come back and clean up. After coffee of course.

Oh and I went to Karaoke for a couple hours last night but there were too many people so we mostly just hung out in the bar and chatted. Watched several people be idiots while I mostly drank water. Some people should just stay home!

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