Saturday, November 26, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I keep thinking it is Sunday since I've been off work so many days. 

I spent most of yesterday playing with scraps from the wine fabrics.  Making them into coasters. I won't have time to work on them this morning though since I'm taking Daniel with me to my mom's for a party for Robert. We haven't seen him in forever. My mom is throwing him a little cousin's birthday party.  

Started with 3" squares, then 2.5" squares, now down to 2" lol. Stupid little crap I do to keep myself entertained. 

Yesterday Scott his a brand new Tesla. SIGH. It just made this rub mark on it so hopefully it doesn't cost $50k for them to fix it. Our car is fine lol. Scott thinks she backed out of her driveway and was sitting there trying to figure out how to make it go. He said she wasn't there when he started making the turn. The HHR has really bad blind spots too though. I almost ran over actual people several times when I drove it. 

I just bought Scott and I Nutcracker tickets for next weekend. He has always wanted to go but we never did. I saw they have it at our little theater in town so I just got us tickets. Should be fun! They have Irish Dancing today, kind of wish I would have saw that one before,

Ok gotta go slap some putty on my face and find some socks that match. I really need to dump out my drawers and put them all together. Not sure how they ended up such a mess.


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