Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Good morning! Happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday was a busy day. Took Trevor to the dentist and asked about Scott's refund he is supposed to get. The office manager interjected herself when I was talking to two other girls and was like there is no refund. Even though the dentist told Scott he would be getting one since they charged him for a ceramic bridge and then they had to go with metal. I got a tiny bit loud and told them we'd figure it out later. Freaking cheaters.  Sat myself out in the car so I would be quiet lol.  Anyhow, I guess Trevor's tooth had just basically had some stuff packed in it before so they put a temp crown on and did another filling and he goes back December 8th for his real crown. He's all paid up though so I won't have to go with him next time.  He wanted to go to Denny's when he was done so we went. They don't have a club sandwich anymore just this weird California one. It was ok but I didn't care for the bread and their fries are really weird. 

I came back and worked until 4 and then went and met my friends for dinner. We went to this hole in the wall Latin restaurant that my friend wanted to go to. She works at a school and she was like no one ever comes in that knows me here. Probably because the food was crap haha. 

The only thing that was good was the appetizer and the dessert. These were fries with a bbq pulled pork on top. I should have just got that for dinner.

My meal minus the empanada they forgot and brought out later. All gross. I just picked the meat off and ate part of the rice lol

my friend got dessert and shared, that was the best part

We hung out for awhile then went to Starbucks and hung out some more. I checked my phone at one point because I thought it was like 9 and it was 7:15 lol. 

After we left I went to the grocery store to get stuff for Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to put the turkey in the sink when I get home tonight to help it thaw out faster. It is hard as a rock lol. I think I am cooking most of the stuff and then taking it over to Jessica's house. When I called her to ask if she got a turkey yet she was like oh crap that's in 3 days haha. 

We finally got an email with some stuff for our "new job". I'm trying not to be totally pissed about it all but it is hard. We are having a staff meeting with the new boss on Dec 5th and then I guess we go into new mode after that. Pretty sure I'm going to hate it and be bored but we shall see. 

I had a note that one of my posts didn't get published because it went against Community Guidelines but everything has views so I don't know what they were talking about. I guess Blogger is going to be like FB now too. Stupid. No more free speech anywhere.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What? If my foul mouth rants don't get taken down why would one of yours? I know of a blog that is very very sexual in nature and you have to go through all this shit to read her. This was back in 08 when I found her and also when I stopped reading her. I quit because she bored me after a while but still....she had all the blogger warnings, must be 18, etc etc. Weird for Mom Taxi Julie to get that to me!

I am not cooking this year. It's going to be fabulous. Rick is doing everything. I will bake him a pie.:-)

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