Thursday, November 10, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! We get off of work 2 hours early today so that is nice. Holiday tomorrow too so 3 day and 2 hour weekend ;)

I got all my lining fabrics matched up and cut out for the sunflower fabrics

And then I started playing with the scraps lol. I've been sewing 2" squares together. I'm going to work on those some more and then decide what I want to do with them.

I gave in to Snookie's whining last night and let her sleep on the bed. She was super happy and thankfully didn't make any messes.

Time to go find some socks! Brr my toes are freezing all of a sudden. 

Last night I watched Killer Sally on Netflix. I was wondering why no one checked out her neck if she was being choked to death. Surely you'd have marks and bruising but they never mentioned it. After that I got caught up on Unsolved Mysteries. There sure are some disgusting people in the world. 

I just noticed that the new episodes of the Crown are out so now I'm going to watch that. 

No weekend plans, Jess works on Sunday but she said she asked Daniel's sister to babysit. It's been awhile since I haven't had any plans for the weekend!


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