Thursday, November 24, 2022


 Good morning happy Thanksgiving! I am about to go make some stuffing and put the bird in the oven. Yesterday I just cooked the pies, and then worked on getting the linings cut for the wine bags. I'm starting to make a small dent in my fabric stash with all this sewing. 

I ended up babysitting around 5:30 yesterday so Jess could get some stuff done. I had to set the baby down and just set her on the floor (not something I'd usually do) and she was so happy to just lay there for a bit lol. 

Daniel was playing with the dogs quite a bit. Usually he doesn't really interact with them but he was all into them last night. He had Simon running away lol. Rusty is sporting a Little People's hat.

Daniel looking extra sleepy but he never did fall asleep. Scott came home around 9 and they sat and watched almost the entire Robin Hood movie together. He got up two or three times and then climbed back in the chair with him. So cute. 

This one took a cat nap too. I swear she never sleeps for more than 1/2 an hour. 

Tubz also taking a nap lol. Loved her little toes hanging out and covering her face. Between the cats and Daniel they have destroyed these baskets. They just belong to them now. 

Ok need to make the stuffing and stuff the bird and get it in the oven! I pulled it out and it was all thawed except one small ice ball inside that came right out so not too bad. 

Also need to make sweet potato pie, deviled eggs and salami cream cheese roll things we always have. Go go go 

Just kidding I'm more of a here we go slowly today ;)

Oh and yesterday I had to use my blog to figure out if I went into work 2 days last week when someone brought Covid in. I wasn't there those days. Whew. Also just took a test just to make sure since the bar was also closed due to covid exposure and I was there 2 times last week. It's going around again! TG mine was negative so no worries from me.

Happy Turkey Day!

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