Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Good morning happy November 1st! That sure went quick!

We went down to the club parking lot last night where there was a trunk or treat. Only about 5-10 cars were decorated though. I think they had it too early for a Monday night. Most people are not home at 4:30 when they wanted people to come set up. I didn't decorate anything but brought a bag of candy and sat on the back of the golf cart and handed it out while we waited for the littles to get there. 

Scott rushed home and got there right before the kids were ready to go. 
The mosquitos were horrible!

Jess took the kids home to her house since big Daniel had to go to work and she didn't want to cart everything around. I don't blame her, it is exhausting with two babies. 

The rest of us came back to the house for some frozen pizza. Eric had to work so it was just Melissa and Trevor for the "kids" and they played a game of Monopoly. Scott had some pizza then went to take care of his mom and I went to bed lol. We had 2 pumpkins to carve but didn't get around to carving them so they can just decorate the porch awhile longer :)

I got part of my car unloaded yesterday and did inventory on the cup cozies and coasters. May or may not do inventory on the rest of the stuff. I think I need to make sure the keychains I have on Etsy have not sold. Probably my task for today!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Etsy and my husband finally had it out. He was refunded and then closed down the site. Oh the issues he's had.
Your grandkids are so yummy cute!! I miss halloween and seeing all the kids. We get nothing here and it's a bit sad to me.
You have stopped coming up in my reading bar so I am going to have to fix that. I will go back and see what all I've missed.
Happy Thursday!

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