Sunday, November 20, 2022


Hello! Happy Sunday! I'm stalling on getting myself going this morning. I actually slept in a little bit. 

I didn't end up being sick yesterday after all but woke up stuffy again so it's just my house (hopefully).  Scott came over and made breakfast for us, then left to go ride motorcycles with his friend. He came back later with some KFC for dinner and hung out with Trevor until after I went to bed at 11:30. So that was nice to have him home. 

I finished up all the sunflower fabrics yesterday. You're probably like TG so sick of sunflowers haha. Here's one of each print for the bags I did. 

Total count from my sunflower stash

13 keychains
10 cozy/coaster combos
15 patchwork coasters
22 zip bags
20 coin purses
8 wine bags

Just a few things!

I'm on season 4 of Girls. It's amazing to me how the main girl is so comfortable just being naked half the time. I'd be like no I'm good. I grew up being told to suck it in and stand up straight and not to wear horizontal stripes. Definitely not in that comfortable in your skin and no clothes brain haha. Sadly I don't think I was much better as a mom since I was always on a diet of some sort, just like my mom. I think we have a bit too much German in our genes, we aren't met to be skinny.  

Can someone else clean for me today? I don't have that much to clean up but I'd rather just play with my fabrics haha.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I only watched the first season back in the day when it came out. As for Lena Dunham, She sure is comfortable. I couldn't do it. She is twice as large today than she was in that video. Hey look at Lizzo. Again, good for them but if I were that big I'd hide. Hell I'm doing that now since I gained this week from steroids!!
And I'm going to send you a meme that I just saw and love via your email about this very topic.

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