Monday, November 21, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! In a few minutes I have to get ready to take Trevor to the dentist again. He could totally go by himself if I didn't have to go to pay for it. Booo

I started cutting up my wine fabrics yesterday. I have a lot of wine fabrics. Quite a few of them came from the bags of fabric I had bought off Marketplace super cheap. I only have a few left to cut into. The bigger pieces I'm just cutting 2 wine totes and a few coasters out of. Only a few pieces to go to have some of all of them cut out.

I got my cleaning almost done and Jess asked if I could go to her house to watch the kids for awhile since they were all sleeping. Of course the minute she pulled away Lilly started bouncing around in her bassinet lol. She did pretty good yesterday and was only a little bit Jack Jack lol.

I took them back to my house when they were both awake. Scott came over after he fed his mom dinner so that was a huge help. Daniel loves him so much, it is so cute how he climbs up into his lap and talks to him.


I'll be glad when she's out the spit up phase. She's definitely a good little flirt though when she's not screaming haha. 

Today's plans are to put on some real pants in a couple minutes and then take Trevor. No idea how long that will take. 

After work I'm going to go meet my friends for dinner so that will be nice. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I tried to respond to this yesterday and it kept kicking me out.
blogger is such fun isn't it?

I love how your plans are to put on real pants. I am sitting here in real pants about to go to the insurance company and I keep thinking I can't wait to take these off!!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and adorable babies!!

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