Monday, November 7, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! If Mondays can be happy haha. Today is laundry day since some asshole (not this one) peed on my bed. Since Rusty can't get on the bed anymore I know it is Snookie. She isn't tall enough to get on the bed herself so I think that is going to be the end of her sleeping on my bed. She'll be sad but she'll have to get over it. I'll give her a pillow or dog bed. Simon comes and goes but she's been good. I can't believe how big she is already. My friend said she needs to fix her eyebrows lol.

Scott was hanging out yesterday and I talked him into just going and buying a new TV at Wal Mart. Trevor went with him for emotional support lol. YES we finally have a Smart TV. It is really nice. It could be a bit lower on the wall but that was too much for him to deal with. I am going to look for a table of sorts to put under the TV to class it up a bit haha. Daniel kept knocking the shelves down and since I hardly ever sit in the living room I never notice them until he's over and I'm taking pictures.

He loves his Papa. He can say Papa so I think that is what his name is lol.

He decided he wanted to take a turn in the activity thing. He only stayed in there for a sec then got back out. He thought it was funny.

This little adorable thing was just miserable for most of the time she was here. She'd be happy for a minute then cry cry cry. I think she had an upset tummy since she kept spitting up. 

She enjoyed this toy for a bit which was a nice break. She took a tiny nap which just happened to be when dinner was done so that worked out well. 

Scott had to leave to go back to his mom and that is when the fun really starts since Daniel is tired of being here and Lilly has to be bounced so she's not screaming :) TG that didn't last too long until Jess came to pick them up lol. We'll get the hang of it eventually, I'm out of practice haha. 

That's about all the excitement around here. It rained a little last night so everything is wet. Looks like it is supposed to rain again tonight and most of the day tomorrow. We need rain but I hate the mud. I need to order more rock for the driveway. I know I've said that 100 times. I should do it ;)

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