Wednesday, December 7, 2022


 Hello happy Wednesday. I'm doing my morning "am I sick" lol. I swear I annoy myself.

Yesterday was so stupid for work. I pretty much just cleaned up. I won't be making folders for the office anymore so I got all that stuff cleaned off and out of my desk and put it on the empty desk next to me. Have fun doing my job people.

All day I did one thing. I emailed a payment that was ready. Like the girl did the rest of the job she could have just finished it up. Other than that I just worked on shredding old papers on the crap shredder. Shred for a few minutes, wait 20 for it to cool down, repeat. Probably do more of that when I go into the office tomorrow.

Today I have a meeting with all the new what would be bosses but now they aren't my boss just people I work for haha. All but one since I guess she is busy and we'll meet tomorrow. I kind of just want to quit but I can't do that yet. At least at home I can wash dishes, do laundry and other things while I wait for an email with something to do. Hopefully I get something today after the meeting. I mean, I guess if I'm just getting paid to sit around I shouldn't be complaining but my brain needs a bit more than that you know?

I got home from work yesterday and had like 2 hours to kill before darts. Trevor was already in bed. Fed the dogs, ate a bowl of cereal, washed my hair. Then what lol. I hate when there is extra time but not enough to work on something.  Finally was time for darts and I'm pretty sure we lost overall. I was kind of bored the whole time. I might not sign up again next time, maybe I'll just be a sub. It's not as much fun when your people aren't on your team. Came home after and just went to bed. I don't even think it was 9pm.

Trevor was up with the bright light from the kitchen on at 12:30 getting ready for work. So I was awake too. I'll probably need a nap in a bit haha.

Plan for today? Work on some more of the wine totes I have going. I think I will keep the 2nd set (I had pulled out just one of each print to work on) in my started projects box for some other time. 

I was kind of thinking of doing a porch sale this Saturday but it says 80% chance of rain so maybe not haha. I guess I will have a lot of inventory when I do shows next year. I have one left this year and it's on the 18th.

Well that's all I've got, have a good day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I understand the not wanting to be bored at work. I hated when it was slow and preferred being slammed kind of busy. It goes faster too, don't you think? You can come to my house and help me with all these projects!

Julie H said...

@Peg, I should do some of my own projects lol. Other people's are more fun though.

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