Monday, December 5, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!

I'm over here feeling lost and confused after our work meeting today telling us what offices we're going to be working for now and how things are going to go. I'm going from one large office to 5 small ones. Half of what I usually do we aren't doing anymore so I imagine I'll be doing a lot of sewing lol. So dumb. At least I have 2 definite days I have go into the office now even though I don't have to do anything AT the office. 

Yesterday I finished up all the wine bags I was working on (the ones with the little panels). Here is better pictures of them all. Might take a break and clean up the coffee can of scraps I have. I didn't realize there was so many in there (from what I'm not sure) and Tina keeps pulling them out and throwing them all over. 

I finally got my soup made, It was good and I have a lot left over even though I took some over to the kids. Jess and Daniel both have fevers. Jess asked me if I could take Lilly for awhile so I just got both of the kids so they could have a break.

Still no fever for me but I'm sure it will happen eventually lol. 
Every one like's Papa!

Talking to herself in my phone screen. I had to change her clothes like three times because she drools and spits up so much. 

They stayed until about 8:30 then I took them home.
Jess said she feels worse today, hopefully they aren't sick much longer.  I'll probably go get the kids in a bit and give her a break. Daniel cried when I took him home yesterday and went to leave. So cute haha. At least I know he likes me ;)

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