Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going on a Road Trip

My bestest friend !
Sarah is moving to Texas tomorrow. So sad. BUT I'm going with her for the ride to her new house! We will be driving from California to the Texas panhandle. I've only been to Texas (Dallas) for the airport before and to Georgia last year to see a friend. Nothing else East of Las Vegas so I'm pretty excited to see a bit of the country. It will be Sarah, her son, her daughter, and me!

I call SHOTGUN! Actually I'll probably be driving a lot, I think that is the real reason she wanted me to come with her. I'll be flying back on Monday night. I'm sure by that time she will be glad to be getting rid of me!

So I'm going to spend the night at her house here (she lives about an hour away) and we will leave early in the morning. I've been cleaning up my house so it won't be totally horrible when I get home, but I doubt it will help much lol. Scott's version of cleaning is putting the lid back on the mayo and leaving it on the counter all night.

In High School News, OMG Jessica is sooo funny! I had just got out of the shower when she called and said they were done and I could go pick her up. I told her it would be a little bit so she said she wanted to walk somewhere. I told her to walk to the library.

So she calls like 10 minutes later and she's lost?? We drive to the library like once a week? And her Grandma lives down the street from the high school. And it's a major road in our city. And she's lost. LMAO. Never going to let her live that down. You can SEE the library from the high school!! She ended up walking back to the school and when I picked her up I gave her a little tutorial of how to walk down the street and make a left lol. Apparently she's a little too gifted and talented, something has got to give sometimes I guess lol. Maybe it was the cute boy she hung out with all day that zapped out her brains. Ok bad mom, but it was really funny!!

So hopefully Sarah's laptop will work and I can get online before Monday. I think I would die if I had to wait that long to get back on the computer. I can't even go 2 hours at home!! See you soonPin It


Chris H said...

Woo hoo... hope you have a wonderful trip... I know exactly where you are going thanks to that map you sent me! We yell "shotgun" too!!!!

Gina said...

Safe journey

Love and hugs Gina xx

The Broken Man said...

Oh, I have such sympathy with your daughter - I have such a bad sense of direction that I ofen get really lost in the most basic places!

Glad she had someone to look out for her and pick her up!

The Broken Man


Barb said...

Have a great trip and drive safe. I expect lots of good stories when you return.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Have fun on your trip. I like your new background on your blog!

Tonya Staab said...

How fun. I love a road trip. Be safe. Can't wait to hear all about it.

How did I not know that you are in California. Wonder if you are anywhere near me? I'll investigate this further :)

Anonymous said...

It is sad that your friend is moving, but your road trip sounds like a ball. Glad you called shotgun, you have to be very fast at that, at my house.

Have a safe trip.

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