Friday, October 9, 2009

Dr. Laura wants you to put out, it fixes everything.

I've been listening to Dr. Laura on the radio at work the last week or so. For the most part she is pretty interesting to listen to. It cracks me up how some people just need someone to tell them to stop being stupid, suck it up and put your big girl panties on.


I think it was yesterday, she had a caller who was a stay at home mom. Her husband has been going to school and is just about done. The SAHM also goes to school part time. Her husband has been pressuring her to go back to school FULL TIME.

Dr. Laura told her that she should tell him she isn't going to do it, since her place is at home with the kids (small children) and that if she goes to school at night she won't be seeing her husband and that's not a good thing.

Which was all understandable.

But THEN she tells her right before she hangs up that she needs to "give her husband more sex" so that he won't want her to go to school.

I was like WHAT THE HELL??

Seriously I don't get what giving your husband more sex has to do with going to school. It's NOT the answer to everything unfortunetly. She never did say that their sex life was lacking.

I think it's really sad that people think that the whole reason a husband is "not happy" about any kind of situation in a marriage is because the wife "isn't putting out"!

And I think hanging up on the caller right after she said that was total chicken shit!

Other than that I kind of like the show... :)Pin It


Mary~Momathon said...

Gah! I can't stand listening to Dr. Laura! Sometimes the caller doesn't even get a chance to explain why they are calling and she's got the cure! In my opinion, she is oppressive to women.

Carin said...

Dr Laura sometimes has good advice but I can;t stand how she is mean to people.
I can't understand why anyone calls just to be abused lol!

Sarah said...

Maybe that is why John loves that show. Put out and shut up! Haa haaa.She is a bit blunt!!

~Sheila~ said...

WOW, more sex huh? Even after going to school part time and being a stay at home mom, she wants her to put out overtime. Who's paying for the overtime sex? lol

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