Monday, September 29, 2014

The Weekend Fun

I had a pretty great weekend.

Friday night we went to a potluck for work at a co-worker's house. But first I came home and went for a quick run after work. It was nice when I started out but all of a sudden it got dark and there was thunder and lightening.
I booked it home  and not too long after it rained a little
Apparently we just got a bit of the storm because my friend that was in town said it poured so much there was water rushing down the street. Crazy! 2 storms in one week. 

I made up some food to take to the potluck

and this Southwestern Black Bean Salad (and brought a bag of chips) to dip with.
They both turned out really good. There was only a little dab of the sweet potatoes left.

The party was a lot of fun but I didn't take ANY pictures. I KNOW so weird. We didn't get home until late and I even nodded off in the car on the way home lol.

Saturday I spent all day cleaning off my kitchen table, laundry and cleaning the carpet in my bedroom. SO EXCITING. Not really but it was in a way! I listed a few things on the local garage sale groups and decided that anything that didn't sell by Sunday was going to Goodwill. 

I ended up only selling a couple Pyrex bowls so the rest got to go for a ride. Along with a few other bags of stuff I didn't want to bother trying to sell. It always feels nice to get that stuff out of the house.

Saturday night my friends Traci and Nancy were hanging out on the dock so I went for my run real quick and then went over to hangout. The sunset wasn't all that exciting but I had fun hanging out and visiting. My friend Traci's cat is like a dog and walks down and back with her (her house is down the road).

I spent Sunday running a few errands. I got back just a bit before my book club meeting.  My mom stopped by and so I rode over with her. The book we read this month was Daddy's Home
It was a really good suspenseful book that kept you guessing on who did it and what was going to happen next! I actually already started reading the 2nd book. 
And we had this fantastic drink! It was so good we finished off the bottle.
I ended my night Sunday by going out for a run. My plan was 3.75 miles but I was calculating in my head that I would be close to 4 by the time I got home from the route I took so I just went for it. 

I did really good at keeping an even pace. EXCEPT where you see it go up, that's where a neighbor was out with her dog and I had to pause for a minute because I wasn't sure if it was running at me or to me for a sec. 

It was just a big goofy lab that wanted to hang out so it was all good!
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Straight Up No Chaser said...

Okay I am so making that sweet potato gratin!!!

I imagine even a little rain for you guys is better than nothing.

Chris H said...

Decluttering is so much fun. I love doing it and will be doing it again this weekend!
WEll done on the running, you are back on track with that for sure.

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