Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Out and About

The other day I was driving home and we had the most awesome clouds in the sky. I just love the big puffy clouds.

It's baby geese season at the lake! We have a ton of Canadian Geese who stay here year round. The little babies are so cute! I was out for my run and came up on them.

So cute! My friend got a picture of them later swimming.

That night I ran 2 miles to the dock, watched the sunset, hung out for a little bit and then ran back to get my 4 miles done. (no I didn't have wine!)

 Another day out running the lake was full of these little ducks. The closer I got the faster they swam away though. We don't usually have very many ducks. We used to have a lot of mallards but now there is only an occasional few. I think someone said these are wood ducks but I'm not sure.

 The long view from "stump lake". This is my favorite spot when you can see the mountains.

 I just love the views around the lakes!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love to see that there is water in the lake. The drought on TV looks horrific in your area!

Chris H said...

Gorgeous views Julie.
Well done on not drinking wine lol.

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