Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jessica's visit, Shopping & Drinks

Scott and I both took time off while Jessica was here. Friday we all slept in a bit and then we rounded up all the recycling and stuffed it into the car so Jessica could get a little extra spending money while she was here. Then the girls and I went to Target. We took advantage of Jessica's discount and got a new fire pit along with some clothes for the girls and a new pair of shorts for me.

We had to bring the fire pit home before we could go to the grocery store since it took up the whole back of the car. When we dropped it off we picked up Trevor and then went to Costco for a fancy lunch of cheap pizza and to get new contacts for Jessica and party food.  Scott showed up partially through our shopping trip and hung out with us a bit (he had went to town to go to the doctors). 

He decided to take the food home and then the kids and I went on to shop at Winco for more party food. 

Looks like we are ready. Drinks and watermelon. That's all you need for a good time right?

Jessica's luggage was found in the morning and delivered around 7 (TG!)

That night Jessica finally got to go out to our little bar. Her friend Chelsea joined us. I think they had fun. So weird having a kid that's old enough to drink (legally). 

Jess had put up the tent and the girls slept in it for the night. But first, we all ate some nachos ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!!

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