Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Time Slump.

I've been feeling kind of depressed this week.

Working full time sucks big donkey balls. My kids are home being sloths. Scott goes to work later than me now and without the morning routine of getting the kids out the door it just feels all weird. I hit the snooze button and wait for him to get up to get into the bathroom but he just lays there. I'm like I know you need to go poop and that you are going to wait until the moment I get into the shower to do it. Gotta love one bathroom houses.

My oldest is in some kind of life transition and I feel on the edge waiting for her to "need me" but trying not to be annoying or taking over. We all have to find our way somehow right? In the mean time do I make plans to go somewhere?

The middle one is in love for the summer. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend.

The youngest is attached to his computer almost 24/7. I actually woke up the other day at 4:00 (am) and had to tell him to turn it off. No wonder they sleep half the day.

My mom is working on getting guardianship for my cousin's 5 year old. She vents to me.

Scott has a cold sore from being sick and comes home and does this awkward "I can't kiss you hello" dance.

I got up early one day last week and went out did a run/walk. That's the only time I've run in weeks. I can't remember the last time I went to the gym.

I feel LOST.

Where's my way? Someone grab my arm and pull me there. I was telling someone the other day I now understand how some people just get up and leave and don't tell anyone where they are going. Like it's all TOO MUCH and you just need a break where "no one knows your name".

I went outside to take the trash out the other day and paused to pull some weeds out of the bricks and though maybe what's wrong with me is that I haven't done anything I actually like to do lately.  I feel like I don't even have any energy to do anything. Work, dinner, dishes, ok how about some Netflix.

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