Monday, March 13, 2017

Madness I Tell You

Well as usual I have tons to blog about but I haven't done it!

But I feel like I need to come write a few things down so that some day if I want to come look back and my blogger account is still alive I can.

Saturday March 4th my step dad FINALLY went to the hospital because he hadn't been feeling right. The outcome? He has congestive heart failure, a huge 2-3cm clot in the bottom of his heart, and his kidneys and liver are failing.

So right there is a nice face slam into the pavement for our family. He spent a couple days in ICU and then they moved him to a regular room for a couple days and then sent him home on Thursday with a couple prescriptions. Crazy eh?

I spent the night with my mom Saturday night (after having a few OMG WTF drinks with my brothers) and Friday night I went over to hang out with mom and dad at their house. Right now they are just trying to get his coumadin at the right dose and he has a doctor appointment later this week (with a WORTHLESS Dr that he should have changed years ago). Next week he goes to the cardiologist.

Not to be outdone, Scott's dad appears to have had a small stroke this Saturday March 11th.  Not good, not good. He can't really get up by himself. My 77 pounds of mother in law is in no shape or form to help with any of that. Scott's sister is in and out, mostly out since she's taking care of her granddaughter during the week. His other sister who lives there can do some stuff but she's not mentally capable of doing things like everyone else.

I guess they called 911 but the "firemen" (mother in law says) took his vitals and he was fine? So they didn't take him to the ER or the Dr. I guess he has a Dr appointment tomorrow. My brother in law is supposed to be taking him so we'll see how that all goes.

Meanwhile life goes on with working full time and trying to get ready for the craft show this weekend. Yee haww.Pin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh I am so sorry to hear about your step father and father in law. Wow - double whammy.
Hope the craft show brings you some smiles and good things!!

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