Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just Jump In

I keep feeling like I can't blog anything new until I go back and blog the old stuff so I guess I should just jump in and GO!

Melissa graduates from High School on Saturday. I can't believe it! Time flies. Trevor's graduation is on the next Thursday. Lucky boy has one more week of school than she does. He will also be doing some summer school so that will be fun to figure out how to get him there from 9-1 when I work 30 minutes away and start work at 7:30.

I spent almost all of last weekend working on teacher's gifts my friend had me make for her. She works at a school and has 3 adopted boys so lots of teachers and staff she likes to give presents to.

 Fold up tote bags, sunglass cases and key fobs


and a mug cozy for good measure.

This is a little zippered bag for a neighbor friend, I still need to deliver that.

I also made this little bag for my friend Traci's birthday.

We went to lunch Sunday at this place called Canal Street Grille in Ripon. It was really good and not too expensive if you didn't buy a dinner entre. I got the crab cake sliders. The fries were these super thin things which were kind of ok. I think prefer them a little bit bigger. Actually I should have just asked if they had cole slaw instead :)


Phyllis, Ginny, Birthday girl Traci, me and Bev

I'm still trying to decide what I want to do this weekend. We have Melissa's graduation bright and early Saturday morning then the weekend is free. I really should be weeding my yard, one whole side is taken over by Bermuda grass but it's supposed to be hot so eh.

They are having the "Campground Jamboree" down at the campground this weekend too. I'm sure I'll wander down there at some point but I don't really want to spend the whole weekend down there.  My sister in law invited us to come over on Monday for a BBQ. I'm definitely glad it's a 3 day weekend!

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Those items you made are so cute!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love your work Julie!!

Enjoy your long weekend. I sure hope to!

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