Monday, September 11, 2017

4 Days Til Friday

Does anyone else feel like they just live for the weekends?

This weekend we had Adrian's birthday party on Saturday.  My mom wanted to get Robert so that he could come so we arranged for me to pick him up after work. Him and his mom are currently homeless and living either at motels or shelters. Anyhow, I picked him up and took him over to my mom's cabin.

We ended up working on this puzzle that we started a couple weekends ago. The puzzle is "bits and pieces" and OMG is that hard! Robert was all excited to be the one that put in the last piece so he got to put in the last 2 pieces.

We finally finished it about the time Scott told me "dinner is done" (he picked up you bake pizza on the way home from work).

Saturday we had Adrian's 8th Birthday party! 8 years goes by fast! I was blogging back when she was born so I have all her birthdays on here :) 

Here's a sideways video of her birthday cake

For the rest of the weekend I mostly worked on making these wine cork key chains for my craft booth. 

I have an area work meeting this week so I get a night in a hotel. Woohoo! Still debating on driving my own car or carpooling with like 5 people. Leaning towards my own car...

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Your own car...and a night alone without responsibilties is a mini vacationšŸ˜ Hey if you need corks i have a few hundred.

Chris H said...

I love the weekends too. I can remember when that wee girl was born! The key chains are darling!

Maria (also Bia) said...

Those wine cork key chains are amazing!

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