Monday, February 19, 2018

Craft Show

Good morning! I have a day off today, thanks Presidents! Figured that's a good time to make a blog post haha.

Two weekends ago I did another 2 day craft show by the movie theater. It ended up being a bit windy on Saturday. What a pain! Also I couldn't get the internet to work on my phone for most of the day so I lost some square sales. Some guy showed me how to do a work around to get my phone to work later but by that point it was almost time to go home.

I did meet some great people though! One plus to doing these things. Lots of networking.

Here is my booth Saturday morning when we started. This was my first time having someone on both sides of me. I like my stuff put out to the front since it's little and draws people in so I tried a different way to set up. The gal next to me ended up leaving a little room so people could walk on the side too.

After the wind started kicking up I put all my stuff in baskets and condensed it to one big table and one small one and pushed it all out to the front of the booth.

On day 2 it was a beautiful day! There was no one to the left of me so I could spread out a bit more.

Business was doing a little better until all of a sudden this HUGE wind gust came up and took my tent and threw it at the booth next to me and all my stuff blew off my table out into the sidewalk into the road, down the street. Talk about shocking. Thank God no one was in the area next to me at the time and no one got hurt. My tent is totally junk and I ended up ripping off the top so it would stop trying to be a kite while we tried to wrangle it into a foldable position. 

Random people ran around and gathered up my stuff for me. A woman was pretty much laying on one of my tables  holding everything down. Someone wrapped up the other table with the tablecloth/sheet and put a chair on top to try to get things to stop blowing. 

Talk about insane! I just brought everything home like that, wrapped up and a mess. I don't think I lost anything though, how amazing is that? I had 2 mug cozies that got a little dirty but that's it. 

So thanks to me this event planner is now requiring 25 pound weights on the corners of all the tent posts. Not such a bad idea. I need to buy a new tent so I'll get weights when I do. 

I've been thinking up ways to hold my mug cozies down so they don't fly away too. 

The event planner offered me a free booth space at a future event because she felt so bad about my stuff lol. So far I haven't picked one. I will though! My next one is with a different outfit at the church on March 10th so I have a bit of time to get my new tent and weights haha.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hold mug cozies down with a beer inside - you'd be surprised how fast they'd sell. :-)
I'd sure take her up on the free booth space for the future. If it hurt sales then she should have done so. Nice when people do the right thing isn't it?
Enjoy your day off!!

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