Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Busy Weekend

Trevor and I are home today with stomach aches. Pretty sure mine is just diet related, hoping his is too. It's so cold today I just want to stay in bed but my bedroom is really cold so maybe not!

Last weekend Scott went on a guys trip to Colorado to hang out and watch the Superbowl. Which meant I had a quiet weekend haha. I spent most of it sewing with the exception of Saturday night. Every year my mom has a "girls night" which turned into more of a cousin's night this year. We watched the movie Oceans 8 which was an ok movie but afterwards I kept thinking why are we celebrating people getting away with crimes? Mom made us dinner (meatloaf) and I didn't even fall asleep during the movie. Oh and Trevor drove me there and back on the freeway for the first time which is frightening by itself but it also started raining. He did pretty good though.

I only took a couple pictures, here's Jess with baby Joey (Melissa and Eric in the background). Little Joey only wants his mama lol

When we got home someone had accidentally turned off the pilot light so I had to figure out how to light it. I ended up Face Timing with Scott and just when I had almost given up it lit. One more thing I can do on my own now lol. Our heater is from the dark ages and the we turn it off and on manually with the knob Scott made when the old one fell apart. It's only for a few months of the year so it doesn't seem worth it to buy a new one. When I'm like 80 maybe we'll get central heat and air lol.

While I was sewing all weekend I watched the show Russian Doll on Netflix. What a weird show! I had to keep watching it though to find out what was going to happen.

And what did I sew? I finished up the 52 mug cozies I had been working on for a couple weeks. Lots of dog and cat cozies in this group, they have been added to my Etsy Store

Then I made up the 27 special order mug cozies for a customer. I think they are for a retreat of some sort.

And then I  made 3 bags for my friend's boys to put their Pokemon cards in. 

I'm tired of mug cozies now so I'm going to make some wine bags. So far I cut out a ton of them and got the interfacing I had on hand cut til I ran out. I need to match up some lining fabric now. I think I'll just make up the amount I had interfacing for since I cut out a lot and I know I'll get sick of making them before I get them all finished. I will just stick what's left to make up in a box and go back to them when I'm ready.

Scott took some mug cozies to give to the hosts for the party he went to. He cracks me up that he paid me for them. 

I was supposed to do a show last Saturday but it got moved to this Saturday. I'm hoping it doesn't end up raining all day. The rain keeps coming in and out of the forecast.

ETA here are a couple pictures from my friend's Granddaughter's birthday. This is Adalie's party 1/26/19

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh boy Scott better look out, you know how to do it all on your own. You could kick him out now. :-)
I have not finished Russian Doll. As I said I only got a couple of espisodes in. Rick said it is like a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you can't stop looking at it. It is weird so far. I can't wait to see how it ends.

Annsterw said...

Oh no! Feel better! I had mine for days and I am just now on the upswing of the mend...UGH!

Chris H said...

That's funny, Stew pays me when he takes something I've made too! You sure are a busy beaver, reminds me of someone... oh! That would be ME! lol

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