Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Biggest Loser, My opinions, because you know they count!!

So did you all watch the new season premier of The Biggest Loser?? I was in freaking TEARS right in the beginning when that poor lady was on the bike and having the stomach cramp and everyone was crying and they were tearing her off the bike. Ugh I just felt SO bad for her. And then to see that father-daughter team not make it too. SO SAD. These people get their hopes up that the show is going to totally change their life and then they aren't even on campus for a whole night and they send the home. I think it's so not fair. I was hoping they would wisk them away to a secluded area with their own personal one on one trainers or something.

Is it just me or do the pink team look so much like Helen and her daughter from a couple seasons ago??? I think they should retire the pink shirts! Come up with a new color like lavender or something. Oh and while I'm on the colors, NO ONE should have to be white.

So what did you all think about the twins? I was like, sheesh it's so early in the show and neither one of them even show a personality. I'm glad the one guy is successful at home though! I'm sure they are going to totally look like new people by the end of the show. And maybe shave their necks. ICK that was gross.

When we were watching the show last night I told the man that I figure if someone that weighs 500 pounds can work out like that I think I can push through this running thing. He actually said he'd try it with me!! I'm hoping he'll stick to what he said. He desperately needs to change his eating habits and get some exercise. Not that I'm a saint at all, way way far from it but I worry about his health.Pin It


Mary~Momathon said...

They really shouldn't be sending ANY of those people home. The lady who weighed 281 looked tiny compared to her son! All of those people should get to stay for a month at least. The twins were so tall too! And, I'm totally with ya on the neck hair, that was gross. In fact, that made me shudder more than the half ton of fat around their middles. I'm not a fan of facial hair, and that's worse.

Shelley said...

Hi! I came here from Mary's blog. I love The Biggest Loser, although I have to watch it on the DVR, so I can fast forward through all the filler crap and commercials for Ziploc, Brita, Extra Sugar Free Gum, and Jennie-O, and get to the good stuff.

It seems like they always have the same "types" of teams. The husband and wife, the red team, remind of of the red team from one or two seasons ago, the husband's name was Phillip? The green team totally reminds me of Michelle (winner two seasons ago) and her mom, and obviously the Tongan cousins are Phillipe and the other guy, part deux. And the twins...I swear we've seen this before too. Didn't one of the twin brothers from the last pair wind up winning?
Even so, love the show, but haven't picked out any favorites yet!

Susie said...

I didn't watch last season or this one...but I did see on ET or one of those type shows the other day that Eric that won a few seasons ago is just as big as he ever was! And his wife blames the show! What???

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