Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Lovely Valentine's Day!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! The sun was out and it was WARM! I actually broke out the flip flops and capri pants. I know all you people with snow are hating me now. Sorry! This is why we pay so much to live here I guess!

I started off the morning by going for a walk. I thought I was going to do the c25k thing but it's been so long since I've done it I only did the first run. I had Rusty with me too. Not that that is an excuse for not running but I am so freaking out of shape!! Oh well at least I got out and walked. Rusty is WORN OUT. He's been pretty calm all day today. Guess I need to take him for that long walk more often!

After I got home I worked outside the back door pulling out these monster weeds we get. I can actually walk from the car to the door now without having to do the high step. I'm thinking of getting some gravel to put down there. We always talk of putting a deck there but it's been 16 years and it hasn't happened yet.

I made a trip to Home Depot today too. Along with a ton of other people taking advantage of the sunshine. There is still hardly any plants there. I'm impatiently waiting for them to put out the big fenced in area in the parking lot that they fill with plants! I really need to add some color to the front yard. I think I'll go with the petunias again since they did so great last year and provide so much color. I have a big package of wildflower seeds that I'm thinking about throwing in the middle sections too. I guess I should finish the one side so I can do that!

Oh yeah and today was Valentine's Day too. Not much love in this house though. We got in a little fight last night at my brother's house and didn't talk to each other afterwards. I think we've said 5 words between the both of us all day. He did get me a card, although I didn't open it until after dinner because I was still pissed. I think this is the first year I didn't even buy a card. I just didn't feel the love. Sigh. Maybe this is just another down spot on the roller coaster track?Pin It

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Susie said...

Well hell at least her bought you a card...I don't squat any more and it's really wearing on me. Sounds like we had the same day! Fun times...mine doesn't seem like he's talking to me still...since I've been home from work for an hour and still hasn't acknowledged I'm home.

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