Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!!

Well I'm feeling a bit better today.

Not quite so blurry

Or questioning

Or ready to bite
And it's FINALLY Friday!
(my birthday is Monday so I'm calling this my weekend!)

Hopefully it's a great one!
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Retro Girl said...

Happy birthday weekend!
That puppy is SO darn cute!!! Just the dose of super-cuteness I needed!

Sara Strand said...

YAY! Party weekend! Mine isn't until March. But when it happens I'm giving full permission for everyone to party like it's their birthday. So you'll get two this year!

Mary~Momathon said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the WHOLE weekend! Mamas get to stretch it out like that ;)

Connie said...

Happy Birthday Dear! Puppy is stinkin' cute. You converstation with your teenager sounds pretty familiar except mine is 9 going on 16. If it's this bad at 9 I'm in for some reall crap aren't I?

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!! Have a great time and try to stay warm.

Susie said...

Hope you have a great Birthday Weekend! :) Relax and enjoy!

Chris H said...

Hope your weekend is going well... what a cute wee pup.

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