Thursday, May 3, 2012

27 Down!

I'm half way to my "lower" goal I had set for myself this morning. Can we get a WOOT!! WOOT!!

I know it was hard at first but now I feel like this is really the easiest diet in the world. I can eat whatever I want just as long as it fits into my daily calorie count.

Which of course means I leave out the higher calorie items most of the time, but if I do want to eat something higher I just put it on my log and move on.

If I want to exercise I do. If I don't want to, I don't. Although I have a feeling that's going to have to change soon if I want to keep losing weight. What's good though is that the more weight I lose the more I WANT to go for a walk or whatever.

I just feel so good I wish I had done this all that time back when I was whining about being fat. If you are whining to me about being fat I'm not going to have much sympathy for you because it's EASY to fix it!

You just have to get over yourself and do it!

Sure I really wanted a chocolate donut the other day. Craved it all day. I could visualize it in my head. I could even taste it. But I think of the 3 bags of too big clothes I took out of my closet and think of all the cute clothes that are out there to wear and SUMMER and HIGH SCHOOL REUNION and hmmm maybe I don't need that donut.

My co-worker let me try her dark chocolate covered espresso beans. I had two. The first one I crunched right up (tasted like a junior mint) and the second one I sucked on and savored the chocolate. Then I crunched the epresso bean. HORK! Disgusting. I don't recommend doing that!

Thanks to Pinterest I've found so many great websites with lower calorie recipes. It's really made it so much easier. The extra money I pay for healthier groceries is balanced out by all the fast food I am NOT eating.

If anyone wants to join me on Lose It! I'm on there under my email. I'm not getting paid for this I just am amazed at how easy it is and want you all to feel as good as I do right now! You don't have to pay anything to join, don't have to eat weird food, don't have to go listen to a stupid meeting that you've already heard 100 times before with all the other fat people. It's easy!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...



Anonymous said...

you are doing SO GOOD!!!!!


Annsterw said...

I would definitely join you on Lose it but I am already doing MyFitnessPall...sorry :-(
But, agreed on the setting your mind to it and doing it!!!
Good for you and CONGRATS!!

Sarah said...

That is beyond amazing! That is like living a normal life and eating your cake too. Whooop Whoop!!

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