Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Club Sunday On The Island

Sunday we were going to go out on our friends boat but they couldn't get it running. It had just been serviced but one of the engines wouldn't fire up. They brought it over and Scott and Allen fiddled around with it for over an hour and couldn't get it working so they finally gave up and told us to just come over for a BBQ later in the day. 

Which worked out good for me since I was going to miss book club to go on the boat. Quick change in plans there and I was back to book club.

This month's book was On The Island by Tracy Garvis-Graves.

I just love the cover of the book. It looks like such a nice place to be. But imagine being stuck on an island for YEARS. Just you, and a teenage boy who you were going to tutor for the summer. I don't want to say too much about the book because it will give things away but it was a really great read. It's like $2.99 on amazon too so totally affordable.

We had book club at the lady's house that is the artist. One of the gals took some pictures and put them on Facebook so I snatched them to show you guys a little bit of the room. I swear this woman is so talented I was kicking myself for not taking my phone in the bathroom with me so I could take pictures of the awesomeness!!

So we sat in the little cafe area again. I think she has another name she calls it but wow, every time I go I just want to sit facing a different wall so I can see all the stuff I missed the last time.
Everything behind me is painted. There is an actual cabinet on the bottom with a few things on it (and on the right) but the rest is just an illusion. 

This was looking to my right. I spent most of my time looking out the "window" There is actual trim making the window edges but everything else is painted.

(and two of my book club ladies!)

There is trim in the middle of the wall and wall paper on the bottom but I'm not sure that's not painted on too.

The pictures behind my mom and another book clubber are her husband's framed art work (also an artist). She seems to rotate those around a bit so sometimes those are different to look at too.

Look at this big box of chocolate she had! Not the best chocolate in the world but entertaining.

AND she made a lemon tart. Delicious. 

It will be almost a year before it's her turn again but I need to remember to actually take a bunch of pictures so I can show you how amazing it is.

Happy Reading!

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Jill of All Trades said...

What fun and a great house. I quickly went to Amazon to get the book and lo and behold, I've already downloaded it to my Kindle. Guess I'll read it now. I wish I was in a book club. I've been in two and they keep cratering,

Anonymous said...

that is amazing. When I first saw the pictures I thought you were in a restaurant!


Anonymous said...

well bummer! I went to put that book on hold at the library and they don't have it even with all the libraries they can pull from!! It's $11.99 on amazon (no kindle here)

Annsterw said...

What an awesome house!! I love creative people!
PS-You look adorable in those photos!!!

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