Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doing the Hump Day Dance

Does anyone else just wish all this political bullshit would just go away? Why do I have to be old enough to actually care about it? It just gives me a headache. Why can't it just be easy enough that we all can have control over what we want to do with our own bodies and we don't have to go broke to do it? I really don't care who sleeps with who, in what position with what partner and how many children they choose to have or not have. Just as long as no one is trying to move in with me or send me a bill it's all good!

Why yes, my husband IS watching Fox News (which I hate) and I have way too many friends on Facebook on both sides of the political spectrum.

Anyhow, in other news! I actually took my lunch to work today and got in a walk on my lunch hour. After dinner Trevor and I went for a nice bike ride so I got a bit of exercise in, although it definitely wasn't hard core.

Oh and I spent a little bit of time in my vegetable garden ripping out my disgusting squash plants. They were COVERED in squash bugs. ::shudders:: I think I might not plant those again for a few years. No one really likes it but me anyways. I have several bags of shredded squash in the freezer to use for recipes. I hope all those bugs go find somewhere else to live.

OH and speaking of wildlife, my neighbor was in a bit of a tizzy today. He has a mama raccoon and some babies up on the power pole behind his house. Apparently they were making his dogs bark. He tried calling several places to come out and rescue them but no one "does" raccoons. I told him I'm pretty sure once it's dark and his dogs are in they will find their way down.  (Stole his picture off Facebook)

I think it's funny how people think they need to "do something" about wildlife. I used to tell my kids if they climbed the tree they needed to do it on their own so they could figure out how to get back down on their own. Works great for fuzzy things too.Pin It


Sara Strand said...

We have neighbors that freak out that deer eat apples off of our apple tree. I really don't care, it's less crap for me to pick up out of the grass.

And I wish the people I know who are well off and don't worry about getting their bills paid would stop complaining about the middle class like we're some kind of leech on everyone else. Quite frankly, I feel like until a person has had to not pay a bill in order to buy groceries or something, they shouldn't be able to speak on the matter. And don't even get me started on FoxNews. I told Matt if he turned it on one more time I'll punch his balls. He knows I mean it.

Chris H said...

Cute critters... and I agree, they got up there so should be able to get down again.

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