Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sushi

Sunday was a busy day! I spent the day working on laundry and doing dishes. Well half of it anyways. Then I went to book club. It was to review the book Every Last Cuckoo, although I think we started to talk about it and quickly got distracted to something else. It's funny how easily that happens.

After that I went out with my friends Dee and Carolyn for sushi again. We went back to the same place, Matsu Sushi. We were the only people in there for almost the whole time we were there. We were thinking "man I hope this place is going to make it". Then we realized it WAS early on a Sunday and it was probably the in-between movie time. The only movie theater in town is right next door.  Sure enough before we left it filled up all at once like. The movie must have got out.

So this time, we decided that we were going to try at least one raw sushi. After a lot of discussion and a visit from two different waitresses and I THINK the owner or the chef we ended up with these.

from the left, the "special" that the chef/owner recommended (spicy!), the Titanic (the one with raw fish), California Roll (Carolyn's safe food) and bottom right is my favorite, the Italian Roll.

They were all fantastic. The bright orange on the Titanic is some kind of fish eggs. I was scared to try them but they don't taste like anything. Seriously, it's like a garnish, just there to look pretty. I'm proud of myself for trying it and not being all grossed out! We really ordered too much and I ended up over eating but it was GOOD. I think we need to stick to 3 rolls for the 3 of us next time though so I don't oink out.

After dinner we went to Starbucks and hung out some more. We are trying to plan a trip to Vegas with just us girls. My one friend has a time share that she wants to use, which will be nice but it's a bit more complex to book than just picking a hotel. Hopefully it works out and we get to go. We are planning on Jan/Feb for the trip.

I had to run in the store and get some things for lunches and more laundry soap before I could go home. Ahh relaxation OVER.

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Chris H said...

That sushi looks lovely... you eat out a lot! Not that there is anything wrong with that... if I had my way I'd eat out every day.
No dishes. No standing over the oven/pot/frying pan etc.
Cooking is a necessary evil though. *sigh*
What does an Italian Roll have in it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sushi DOES look yummy. Mmmmm

Jennifer Owens said...

I've never had sushi in my life - the idea of raw fish and weird stuff in there freaks me out! Haha, I'm so picky! (o:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sushi: why man invented fire.

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