Sunday, March 15, 2015

Badger Cove Trail Run

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and went to pick up a friend to go to the Badger Cove race out at Del Valle. I got to her house and sent her a text, called her, waited awhile and she never came out. I couldn't go up to the door because they have their yard fenced off with a big security fence. I was like eh, well I guess I'll see you there. Later I got a text that she slept through all her alarms. I don't think I've EVER slept through an alarm. The cat sneezes and I wake up lol. Must be nice to be able to sleep that deep! Especially the night before a race, I can never sleep then. I wake up about a million times!

So anyhow, I went out to Del Valle, which is out in the hills in Livermore. It's so pretty there in the spring when the grass is still green and it's not 150 out. I had decided to sign up for this race knowing how hard it was but what the hell, it's more fun than running on flat ground around my neighborhood.

I was signed up for the 10k, which fits pretty good into my half marathon training I'm doing right now. Last time I did this race we went off to the right when it started but this year they had it go off to the left, which made a whole different course. We ran around a bit and then came back, crossed the road and then hit the hills.

This is at the top of the giant mountain. Not that you can tell. If you look closely you can see little tiny people on the upper right of the pic.

If you look at this little green wiggly lines, that's the elevation. Where it goes up dramatically in the middle is that huge hill I took the picture of myself on.

I did a lot of walking up the hills and then ran down them. The last part of the race was a breeze going downhill. Like we say when we ride bikes, the downhill is worth the climb ;)

Brazen Racing always has awesome finisher medals. I actually opted out of the t shirt this time, their shirts are cut weird and never fit me and it saved me $5 ;) I have a whole drawer full of race t shirts I never wear. I think I'm going to turn some into tank tops, or at least attempt to. 

Just pretend I'm turned, blogger thought I'd look better sideways.

Now do decide what race to do for April. My friend is going to sign up for the Zoo Zoom and Scott wants to do that one so I think we might do it again. I don't really like that course much so maybe I'll just sign up for the 5k. Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, these pictures are beautiful and I want to be there. not running though.:-)

V!ctor!a said...

That course looks so amazing! And that medal is awesome, that totally makes all that elevation worth it!

Chris H said...

Beautiful scenery... and what do you do with all your medals? Hang em up somewhere?

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