Sunday, March 1, 2015

John's Incredible Birthday

Trevor's birthday was Saturday. I can't believe my baby is 12 already! Actually I can because he's already acting like a teenager. Except for sleeping all day, he doesn't do that yet like the girls did. 

I actually got caught up at work on Thursday so I took Friday off so I could get ready for his party on Saturday. I spent Friday morning cleaning and enjoying having the house all to myself. Trevor had early release day on Friday (I still think it's so dumb that they have early release days once a week) so I picked up him and his friend and took them to John's Incredible Pizza for dinner and some fun. Lucky for my bank account we got there before the "dinner time" price and it was a few bucks cheaper to get in! 

They have a big buffet area there and the boys loaded up on pizza. 

This kid ate 10 pieces of pizza.

I can't wait until he's over this not wanting to take a normal picture phase.

I ate WAY too much. 

Which was dumb because their pizza is kind of crappy.

After we ate the boys went off to play in the arcade area for a couple hours while I sat and played on my phone. When they were done this was the prizes Trevor ended up with.

At least they had fun lol. We were out of there by 6:00 and before the whole Friday night rush was there. Which, was pretty nice and I guess those early release days are good for something!

I'll post his family party on a separate post since I have a bunch of pictures.

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Fairly crap prizes, similar here!
Playing on your phone, nice way to pass the time, I do it too when I'm stuck waiting for kids/appointments etc.

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