Friday, May 8, 2015

River Club Car Show

After the St. Patrick's Day dinner I finally got in on the "Entertainment Committee" and got invited to help with the car show dinner.When I went to the meeting they were talking about having a ham and beans dinner. I was like no offense but I probably wouldn't buy a ticket for ham dinner. Mostly because, eh, we aren't big ham eaters. Plus most ham eaters probably just ate ham for Easter. So after I spoke up they started discussing other things that we could have and they decided to change it to a baked pasta dinner. I felt kind of bad that they had to reprint the tickets and fliers but eh, pasta is way better than ham!

So the Friday night before the car show I went down to the club house to help cook the dinner. The gal in charge brought the ingredients and were were going to get all the stuff chopped up and assembled and ready to just throw it in the oven. BUT after I was there a bit and the women were looking at the food, everyone agreed that we need MORE ingredients. So I volunteered to drive to town to get them. I walked up and down Costco like 12 times and finally gave up on buying a few things they just didn't have or that cost too much there and then had to run to Save Mart to get the rest. All the while the other ladies were still cooking at the club house. Eventually I got everything they were texting me to pick up and made it back. I may have inhaled a deli sandwich in the car on the way back since I hadn't had dinner yet.

When I got back they took my stuff and went to work and I sat down and took a 5 lol. A couple of my friend that were hanging out in the bar wanted me to come hang out with them so I begged off and went in the bar. After a bit my friend Traci and I went over to her house to work on the table centerpieces that I thought up. 

Amazingly I didn't burn the crap out of myself and they didn't come out looking half bad lol.

Saturday I got up and we had our big breakfast that Scott always makes us. I went for my run and then came back to make cookies. I had somehow also volunteered myself to make cookies. It ended up taking me all morning to get them done and I didn't actually end up going down to the show until around 1:00. I walked around a little bit and then my friends Allen and Carolyn came out to meet us. We walked around a bit then sat and chatted.

 There wasn't as many cars this year. It was raining in the morning (I know, it was like my own party, the weather had to mess it up!)  and then kind of windy.

A bit before it was time to serve dinner my friend Traci asked me to come in and help. This is most of the kitchen crew.

 We dished up the pasta and garlic bread then people could go over and get some salad with this lady.

Traci picked up this checkered table cloths on a roll. They looked fantastic!

My huge pile of cookies (that reminds me I still need to get my plate back lol)

and dinner

 Everyone said that it turned out great! I was kind of worried there for a bit but I kept telling them to put more cheese on it and it will be fine haha. After dinner we went and sat on the patio for a bit until we were all tired and then we went home and I crashed out on the couch.

Next up is a 4th of July party that I've already been in on the planning for. Hopefully we will be having a bit of a regatta! That was Scott's idea he's been talking about for awhile. I'm excited to see it actually happen (hopefully we still have water in the lake in July!).

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I need to hire you to be my party planner Julie. :-)

Chris H said...

Stop showing me FOOD! I'm hungry. *sniff* :)

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