Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween! Part 2

After the Trunk or Treat we went home for a little bit and I changed my costume for the "Bar party". Melissa went to her friends to hang out and Trevor went to my mom's to go trick or treating with his cousins so Scott and I were free for the night!

I had a ton of fun and actually won "sexiest costume" lol. Who knew? Spent the night dancing and hanging out.

This was hilarious. They ran in and attacked the girl sitting. She's the other girls mom.

Candy anyone?

Crazy cat lady

all the snacks

Scott in his racing suit

This gal is so funny, she loves the show Sharknado. The shark on her shirt is like half a stuffed animal poking out.

I danced until the party was over and then came home and passed out lol
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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Awesome photos.... that one of the spewing pumpkin is ikk though!

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