Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Crafting Crazy

I've been in crafter's wonderland for awhile now. Saturday I finished all the orders I had going for other people and then had a bit of "crafting block" so I just ended up watching a bunch of Netflix. (Currently I'm watching the Heartland series!)

I finally started looking through my patterns I had and then my "stash" and came up with this to make.
(Don't mind the edge of my chippy paint desk there)
I'm pretty sure I have made this pattern before since it was cut but I just don't remember what I made with it haha. I need to go find all the pictures of my old handy work some day. This pattern is a bit "old" New Look 6479

While I was making this I thought maybe I'd give it to my friend for her daughter but we decided it would be too small so I put it up for sale on my Facebook Group and it sold in like 20 minutes. Nice! I just love these prints. The entire dress (size 3) was made from two vintage sheet pillow cases (and I'm waiting for Peggy's comment on this being "vintage" haha)

After that I made this next one in a size 4 without the bottom band. The bodice part is an embroidered pillow case with some rick rack added on and then a vintage sheet I had for the skirt and ties. The pictures of this just aren't that great I need to take some in the middle of the day when we have lots of sun which is when I'm never home haha.

I love this pattern it's so easy and they are so cute! I think I'm going to make some more. I have signed up to do a craft show in a couple weekends (please God don't let it rain).  I am going try and make up a few more dresses and then do some pocket pillow cases and possibly some more coffee cozies (not sure if I shared those here yet will have to go back and look). That should be enough for my first craft show! I think this one is actually advertised and hopefully will get some traffic. Seems like a much more legit thing than the last one I did!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

so you're talented too.
Damn girl.
I have no talents - not a one.
I'm going back to my hole now.

Chris H said...

I love your little dresses. We are both doing craft fairs! Too funny.
I would love to make little dresses, but there's so many people already making them and selling them... no point.

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