Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gene's Service

Here's a few pictures from Scott's Dad's funeral day

Pretty flowers from my sister in law's work

and from her son who lives out of state

Scott with 3 of his sisters, Carolyn, Linda, and Suzie

My great nephews on the left, my kids on the right

Scott's mom and our niece Laureen

3 generations for them

Jessica went and got a tattoo, 76 was her grandpa's race car number and the red and white checks are for that too, he used to call her his nurse so that's what the stethoscope is for, and he had a heart pillow when he had heart surgery that he let her have when she was little and she put it in the casket with him so that is what the heart is for.

They let them put his casket on his truck for the ride to the cemetery

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love that he went in his own truck vs. a hearse. Cool.
You should get what you want it's your life!

Chris H said...

I hope the day went smoothly. I've seen coffin's riding on motorbikes/tractors/trucks and so on here. I think anything goes as long as it's tasteful.

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