Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Road Trip Day 3 Texas

Texas Visitor's Center

Using Jess' selfie stick lol

Trying to get a picture of the windmills through the dirty windshield

tilted water tower

We went to the Big Texan for lunch

Yeah we didn't do this meal..

Jessica was collecting smashed pennies on our trip, this one was fun since it talked

Bought this for my mom, she likes raccoons lol

Love this picture they had in the hallway to the bathrooms

If only Miss "states" had bodies like this now, right?

coleslaw came with pineapple in it, blech (can't eat raw pineapple it kills my mouth)

We went to Wal Mart in preparation for the Cadillac Ranch and bought some spray paint.

oooo it's muddy, well no problem for kids who grew up in the country

We made it to New Mexico!

Super tired when we got here. Jess' bed had an icky sheet. Had to go down and get a fresh one since there was only one person working the place.

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