Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Bunny Is Coming

As usual I'm so far behind on posting. I have a bunch of birthdays to post one of these days.

Next weekend is Easter, which of course is at my house. This sparks the annual OMG my house is disgusting and my yard is a mess panic.

I hired Jessica's boyfriend to do some yard work for me which took 100 lbs of pressure off of me. There is still a bit to do but the huge mess in the front yard is tamed a bit.

Yesterday I got rid of our dog pen. My "you haul" ended up being Scott, Daniel and the other guy having to take the thing all apart to get it in their teeny tiny trailer.

Today someone is coming to get the lawn swing that has been broken for almost a year. I told Scott someone was coming to get it and he says "I was going to fix that, I got the stuff to fit it." I told him he could take the stuff back lol. At what point were you planning on fixing this thing? 5 minutes before people come over? It's huge and I can't move it to mow under it by myself. I'll be glad when that's gone.

Usually he makes coffee in the morning and breakfast but I think I'm being punished. "We have no water." Oh look the faucet works. I think we might not die drinking sink water for coffee today.

And it's not even 9 am people.

My new life goal is to make things simple. Minimal yard work, minimal things to dust. One can dream right?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Jules if you figure out how to make life simple....pass it on girl!! pass it on.

Chris H said...

I want a simple life too! Funny... I doubt it will ever happen.

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