Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Downtown Modesto Event & American Legion Hall

February 23rd I did the Downtown Modesto Event again. My mom came with me which was nice. I didn't have to RUN to the bathroom and she went and got us lunch. Also helped set up and take down and lots of chatting :)

This time I was closer to the other end of the row. There was an empty space next to me so I was able to do a corner set up.

This area is relatively busy all day. There is the movie theater but there is also a conference center right at the end of the street that has various things going on each weekend. This time it was a home and garden show. I sold about the same amount as I had done the last time I was there. I will be going back soon!

This last Sunday I did an event at the American Legion Hall. This was put on by the same gal that does most of the events I sign up for. They had been saying how wonderful this event was, everyone did so well, she had asked me to come do it. 

I got there and was like OMG this place is soooo small. Almost claustrophobic. I had 2 tables that they provided and it was inside so that part was nice but man, so tiny. I could only put the tables like parallel or one against the wall and that way I would have been sitting in front of my stuff.

If I was in my booth I had to get up and walk out so people could see what I had.

The people across from me barely had room for their chairs.

And it was DEAD. I made back my booth fee and like $13 more. (And spent $10 on lunch that Jessica brought me). Some people didn't sell ANYTHING.

I was surprised they didn't have any food available for sale since there was a little kitchen. That was a missed opportunity for sure. Most people selling were there by themselves (no room for an extra person lol) so that makes it difficult to get something to eat. I was lucky that Jess brought me food.

I don't think I'll do this venue again unless it's close to a holiday or something else is going on in the downtown Manteca area.

I don't have anything scheduled for this weekend which is good since I need to work on making some more stuff for my upcoming events :) I like to always have some new stock!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

yes it makes no sense to go if you are just above breaking even.
Your booth always looks so nice it would make me stop and look.

Annsterw said...

So happy you made money again!!! That is so much work to set up and then just break even! It looks dead from the pictures at the Legion Hall...they need more advertising for that one for sure! Annster's Domain

Chris H said...

I love corner sites! Glad you did well... and the ones where we make no money suck! I've had a few like that. You seem to have more opportunities there, not so many markets around here.

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