Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sewing Key Chains & Movies

I just recently remembered that I could watch DVD's on my laptop. This is great since I have been sewing at the kitchen table (really it's just the kitchen sewing table at this point). Scott and Trevor are usually playing some video game or he's watching baseball soon to be football.

I went through my movie cabinet and pulled out a few movies to watch. Then one day when I was at the thrift store I picked up a bunch of chick flicks at $1.50 each to watch. I even found a couple of my favorites.

Hope Floats-when the girls dad drives off! Gets me every time. Pass the tissue!
Fried Green Tomatoes-This will always be one of my favorite movies
In Her Shoes-I forgot what a great movie this one is. I almost want to watch it again already.
He's Just Not That Into You- eh. I think I'll resell or donate this one, kind of makes me angry when I watch it haha.
Pretty In Pink. The 80's classic that we all loved. But WHY!?! Why did we think this was a good movie. I just watched it the other day and I cannot figure out what was so great about it. The only thing that was good was Annie Potts and "Ducky". Also this is the only movie that skipped a little.
Legally Blonde 2. Stupid.
The Holiday-Another good one
Someone Like You-I already forgot what it was about and I just watched it.. 

So I have been through all those. I went back to watching You Tube videos of pickers/thrifters/resellers. 

After I did the Dutch Hollow event I had to go through and reorganize my stuff a bit and clean off the dust (that reminds me I still have 2 more boards of mug cozies to clean up).  I went through my keychains and cut off all the ones that haven't sold in a long time. 

This weekend I worked on making some new ones. A lot of these I had already started. I emptied out my black/brown/gray bag of scraps I had cut. The good thing about these is if they don't sell eventually I can just cut them apart and I'm only really out my time since they are all just scraps. We'll see how they do!

Still debating on what I'm going to work on next! Do you have a favorite chick flick? I still need to find The Joy Luck Club on DVD. I have it on VHS. That's another one of my favorites.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I loved Hope Floats. In fact, I loved your first 3 listed. I don't recall The Holiday, is that with Queen Latifah? Or the one where they switch houses? I never liked Pretty in Pink but I was older when that came out so I thought was the reason. My favorites are really old like When Harry Met Sally and of course PS I love you. So many I can't even think of now. My favorite genre is good romantic comedies. We all know they will end up together but it's the way they get there that makes it good or not.

Julie H said...

I like those too! The Holiday is the switching houses one.

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