Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas Morning

We had our little family for Christmas morning at our house. Scott had to fix something on Jessica's car for her so he spent the morning doing that while we were waiting for Melissa and Eric to get here.

Ready for the crew! My tree is only partially decorated. I was afraid the kittens would knock it over and break all the glass ornaments so there isn't much on there. At one point after it was up I looked over and Tubby was half way up the tree looking out! PS getting new curtains soon..

Taking a 5. I never sit in the living room anymore so the dogs were super stoked to sit on my lap lol

Trevor (notice he cut all his hair off)

Poor Melissa with her ear infection





This is what happens when I ask someone to take my picture...


Tubz! She put herself there, so cute

Tina helping with the wrapping

I think next year I'm going to try and have less trash. More reusable bags. Dumb we just buy stuff to throw away! Although I still have all the rolls left I just bought!

After opening gifts Scott went out to finish up Jessica's car and then we were off to my mom's house.

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1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Looks like a lovely celebration. Your pets are just adorable. Love the pic with you and the pupper. Kitties always love the paper and boxes.

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