Friday, December 20, 2019

Still kicking

You guys! I'm still alive. Just popping in to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I'm off work now until Wednesday. I made myself a to do list today at work and promptly forgot it there haha. Sounds about right.

So here's the short breakdown of what I've got to do:

Tonight-planning on sewing up some more keychains (out of Raiders and 49ers) and maybe visit the little bar before they close to catch up with my friend who has been gone for 2 weeks.

Tomorrow-Nephew's birthday party at 2. Can you believe my little nephew Tony is going to be 17 tomorrow? That also means Trevor's birthday is around the corner to also be 17.

Tomorrow is also my parent's 40th anniversary! I feel horrible that I didn't plan a party. I just don't have any more hands to juggle all these balls I have up in the air.

After the party I think I'll see if Scott wants to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I have a few more presents to get.

Sunday-I will have a booth at the mall ALL DAY. I did this last weekend too. I did pretty good but hoping this weekend will be better with a little bit better set up area. I was kind of squished in last weekend. 

Monday-Melissa is going to come over to make cookies. Which means I need to get ingredients somewhere between now and then (maybe send a list with Scott if he goes to do his mom's shopping on Sunday..) 

Tuesday Christmas Eve-I think we are going to go to the movies to see Ford vs Ferrari since Scott is a Ford guy and I thought it would be a fun date like 2 months ago when it came out and I had more time..

Wednesday CHRISTMAS-perform miracles on a budget hahahahaha

Thursday and Friday back to work..

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Man you are busy... a bit like me. Only I'm not doing markets till January. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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