Monday, October 14, 2019

Another Kitty Post

Pictures of some of my animals from August. You're welcome haha.
This is Buster getting some loving from my friend Cassi. Buster LOVES Cassi. 

So we had some exciting stuff happen in August. Buster's face just started swelling up over night. The side of his face where he is missing an eye. It went from a little bit swollen to REALLY swollen pretty quickly. 

I took him to the vet and they took some fluid out of it to see if it was an abscess or "something else". If it was cancer I knew I would put him down since he is 16 and obviously not going to beat that at this age. It came back that it was an abscess. I debated on what to do since ugh, this cat is so old! 

But he's perfectly fine (except for missing an eye) and now this swollen face. I called my mom crying asking her if she thought I should just put him down or get him fixed up (for $500+). She was like uh I don't think you're ready to put him down yet, which yeah  I wasn't. So he's now on life 8.75 of his 9 lives and has cost me more money. It's a good thing he's a happy purring boy.

And yes my cat got an abscess and he's not even allowed outside. WTH.

Poor guy. I felt really bad when I saw how bad his face was. A month and a half later though and all the fur is growing back and you can't even tell (well other that his eye is still missing) Leaving pic small for the squeamish. 

Jess made him a little bed under the kitchen table and he stayed there for a couple days. I was like we'll know he feels better when he pees on the towel. Only took him about 5 days..

Jess took him in her room for some sunshine

Getting better already

Helping me sew

I've started calling these blue baskets my "Kitten Catchers". I use them for my little projects while I'm sewing. As soon as they notice them they climb in with or without items in them. (TG for tape rollers)

Tina showing how "if I fits I sits"

Tubz aka Tubby

Sigh. I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't getting anymore cats not that long ago but they sure are cute lol.

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Annsterw said...

I am sooo happy that it ended up just being an abscess and he is healing! I love my babies and I am never ready to say goodbye except if it means they are in pain. I cant even begin to add up how much money I have spent but I cant help myself - they are definitely my children! Hugs to your sweet and adorable kitties!

Chris H said...

See I'm not a cat lover at all... so I wouldn't have spent that much money fixing it! But I get how you love your's... so good on you for saving him. I spied your thread containers... very handy! I might have to look into getting some for my threads too.

Recep Hilmi TUFAN | said...

You are really good person who is taking care too many cats. Thanks...

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