Sunday, October 13, 2019

Little Joe Turns 1, Adrian Turns 10 & Other Fun Stuff

Little Joe turned 1 at the end of August

This is what happened when he found out his mom made him a sugar free cake

Just kidding but ha! Too funny. 

I went over my mother in law's one day and she brought out this picture (I'm sure I've seen it before) and so I snapped a pic. This is from when she played softball in high school (she's 89 now for reference) She said she had a scarf on her head and her niece said "that's not her, where is her hair?" so she drew her hair in. I didn't even realize it wasn't her real hair til she told me that haha. Front row on the right.  She said the girl on the far left was her cousin but their family was so big she wasn't close to her at all.

The other department at work is SUPER busy thanks to the Tariff relief program (which has a more official name but I don't want to put it here). At what point do you think they might want to take a break to do some filing?

That stack of files is taller than me. I was just waiting for it to fall over on the girl sitting in the cubicle. Super dangerous.

I missed Adrian's 10th Birthday party since I was at a craft show but my mom sent me this cute picture. She had a mermaid theme. So cute! 

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Sara Strand said...

Guess what?! I just realized I can still access some of my followed blogs through Google reader! But it isn't reader anymore but a weird thing I accidentally found. So ANYWAYS. Ha!

I always really loved filing. I think it's just the satisfaction of a pile getting smaller and things being put away. I really like to put things away.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

adorable kids.
Gee if you're bored I guess you can help them file. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, actually I can't since they are a different department. I would if I could!

Chris H said...

I like tidyness above most else, so that stack of files would bug the shit outta me!

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